The Benefits of a Dentist Who Uses 3D Imaging

Dental technology has made significant advancements in recent years. One of the most valued improvements is within dental imaging. Unlike past methods of using 2D film to take x-rays, today’s imaging can involve amazing three-dimensional views using a 3D Cone Beam CT scan. This modern form of imaging has certainly changed things for the better, whether you are a patient or a dentist. 3D cone beam imaging can improve diagnostics, patient experience and the overall outcome of the proposed procedure (particularly dental implants). Here’s a closer look at the benefits gained from using 3D imaging compared to conventional x-ray film:

Improved Patient Comfort

In the past, getting an x-ray was cumbersome. It involved either holding a metal plate against your mouth or biting down on an uncomfortable molding material. Many times, multiple x-rays had to be taken and the process took some time. This is especially challenging for kids or for patients who have disabilities that make it hard to sit still.

3D imaging has revolutionized the patient experience when getting an x-ray. Now, a single (and more complete) scan can be taken in a matter of seconds. In addition, patients don’t have to endure any sort of intra-oral sensor or put themselves in an awkward position for long periods of time. It is quick, painless and remarkably comfortable process that produces instant results.

Improved Diagnostics

Older x-rays made it difficult to distinguish between different types of tissues, which could mean an error in diagnosis. Now, 3D imaging systems can provide a clear, precise view of the entire mouth, including the nerves, muscles, tissues, bone and sinuses. This is important when diagnosing infections, pathology and abnormal anatomy.

Better Guided Procedures

The dentist gains unrivaled advantages when using 3D images to guide certain procedures, including root canals, extractions and dental implants. Since the cone beam technology offers a comprehensive view of the underlying bone, dental implants can be placed in the most strategic and successful place possible. A better guided procedure often translates to more conservative techniques and more optimal outcomes for patients.

Lowered Radiation Exposure

Research shows that repeated and prolonged exposure to radiation has been known to cause eye damage, malignancies and other health concerns. Anytime radiation exposure can be reduced, it is a win for the patient. 3D x-ray imaging emits radiation at a fraction of traditional x-rays (which is already minimal). In fact, the 3D cone beam lowers the dosage of radiation by up to 98.5%!

At Manhattan Dental Design, we proudly invest in the latest, most advanced dental technology available. To this end, we use the state-of-the-art 3D Cone Beam imaging system to gain the most realistic picture of the mouth and provide the most comfortable, successful experience for our patients.

Posted on behalf of Manhattan Dental Design

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