Composite Fillings


For over a hundred years, a material known as amalgam was used as a dental filling. This material is superior in durability and strength, but sadly, it is equally unattractive. Amalgam fillings have fallen out of favor in place of the more aesthetically pleasing composite fillings, custom matched to mimic the enamel color and shape of your own real tooth.

No more silver fillings or stained grey molars when you visit Manhattan Dental Design for cosmetic dentistry. The natural tooth-colored material used to rebuild a tooth after dental cavities have been removed will look as good or better than ever before.

What is a Composite Resin?

The dentist begins by getting an X-ray of the tooth to see how deep the cavity goes. The dentist wants to make sure the pulp chamber and root will not become irritated by the process. The patient is usually numbed with an oral anesthetic, and once successfully numbed, treatment begins. The cavity is cleaned of decay. The doctor first uses a high-speed handpiece, followed by a low speed handpiece. The rest of the cleaning process is carried out by hand, so healthy tooth structure isn’t removed and the nerve has a lesser chance of becoming irritated.

When the cavity is sufficiently cleaned, a chemical etchant is placed for ten seconds to roughen and desiccate the surface. An adhesive bonding is applied carefully with a tiny brush, and a special ultraviolet light is used to cure the adhesive. Now the tooth is ready to be filled with a custom-matched composite filling.

The small ultraviolet light is used again to harden and cure the composite filling. The doctor may need to apply the composite in several layers, depending on how deep the cavity. You now have a new, stronger tooth. The doctor shapes the tooth and smooths out any rough spots. When you look in the mirror, it may be hard to tell where the cavity was located.

If you know you need or think you may need a composite filling, contact Manhattan Dental Design today. Make a life changing appointment now!

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