Making the decision to transition from natural teeth to dentures doesn’t have to be traumatizing. The overall appearance of a patient’s smile can be greatly improved with a set of proper fitting dentures. Malocclusions, discolorations, stains, missing teeth and crooked teeth can all be corrected with dentures.

Some patients choose to keep certain characteristics they feel are defining aspects to their appearance. An example would be a gap in the front teeth. Some patients want to maintain that characteristic, and yes, it’s possible. Have an honest and open conversation with your dentist about restorative dentistry and share your ideas and concerns.

Upper dentures are held in place by suction to the roof of your mouth. Adjustments will be made until you’re comfortable and there are no sore wear marks in your mouth. Lower dentures are ideally held in place securely by a few implants, so the denture is firmly anchored. While the implants are ideal, they aren’t an absolute must. Discuss the options with us so you can make the best and most informed decision for your dental needs.

Partial Dentures

Not everyone needs the full maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) denture. For some patients, they may opt for partial dentures over bridges. Partials are replacement prosthetic teeth attached to a custom fitted retainer appliance. Both dentures and partials are made to chew food with, and should hold securely through normal speech. Dentures and partials should be removed each night to soak in recommended specialized denture cleansers.

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