Halitosis Treatment


Bad breath is arguably one of the most embarrassing oral health issues that can greatly impact both our social and professional lives. The usual culprit for halitosis is something with a strong odor we’ve eaten, such as garlic, onions or fish. Other causes of bad breath can be tricky to spot.

Such examples might include being hungry or thirsty, dry mouth caused by medications (also known as xerostomia), dental cavities or impacted food somewhere in between the teeth or caught in the folds inside the throat, known as concretions. Bacteria in many forms account for most cases of halitosis. It’s imperative to discover the root cause of the halitosis in order to properly treat the condition with general dentistry.

Treatment for Bad Breath

When confronted with bad breath, a common treatment is for a person to go brush their teeth, use mouthwash and floss, or just grab gum or mints if oral hygiene items aren’t handy at that particular moment. These things help to a degree; however, good hygiene is always the best option. When nothing you try at home works, it is time to seek treatment from a dental professional.

Call us at Manhattan Dental Design and we can help find the cause and even recommend products to treat the more stubborn causes. It may be something as simple as needing a professional cleaning, or finding where that impacted food is hiding in the teeth or throat. Impacted food is usually very easy to remove, but hard for the patient to find.

Another very common reason for halitosis and dental decay is xerostomia (dry mouth). Saliva is your friend. It helps wash away harmful bacteria from your teeth, day and night. Sometimes, due to certain medical conditions or medications, the production of saliva can become inhibited. The level of bacteria increases, as the saliva just isn’t there to keep it at bay. There are products you can use to treat these symptoms.

There’s no need to go through life worried and embarrassed about your breath. Don’t compromise your confidence with halitosis. Contact us today!

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