Oral Cancer Screening


A cancer screening might sound scary, but in this case, it isn’t. The dentist at Manhattan Dental Design examines the underside of your jaw, the inside of your cheeks, the area under your tongue, and your temples when you open and close your mouth, seeking abnormalities, lumps and discolorations.

The examination at Manhattan Dental Design doesn’t hurt at all, and only takes around a minute and a half at the most. As part of our general dentistry treatments, cancer screenings are usually given during routine dental checkups. You can ask us at any time for a cancer screening exam. We’re here to help you, and answer any questions you have about oral cancer.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

Early detection of cancer is incredibly important. If a cancer is caught in time, then it hasn’t been able to damage as much tissue. Cancer cells multiply, some more rapidly and aggressively than others. Patients with a family history of cancer are strongly encouraged to get an oral cancer screening at Manhattan Dental Design. Oral cancer screening can be a life-saving service.

You will be provided with important educational points on the detection of oral cancer symptoms which will help you recognize early signs and symptoms of these life-threatening cancers. Early detection of mouth cancer is important because the mortality rate directly correlates with how soon a patient receives treatment. The longer mouth cancers go undetected, the lower the chances of survival.

If you notice something in your mouth that raises your suspicions, never hesitate to contact Manhattan Dental Design and we can answer any questions you have. Bring a friend or loved along and we will be happy to examine them as well!

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