General Dentistry


General dentistry is uniquely oriented toward the prevention of disease. It is estimated that most dental procedures are either diagnostic or preventive. Coming to Manhattan Dental Design at regular intervals helps people avoid the progression of oral diseases. It’s much easier and cost efficient to get a dental filling than it is to get a root canal and crown when the decay is left untreated.

Pain management has come a long way in the field of dentistry. Patients who fear pain might experience anxiety when it is time to visit us, and even avoid dental visits. General dentists are well trained to make sure that their patients are kept comfortable during any given procedure, making this fear of pain a thing of the past.

Cleaning and Checkups

Cracked Tooth Repair

Dental Crowns


Emergency Dentistry

Gum Disease, Gingivitis

Halitosis Treatment



Oral Cancer Screening

Receding Gums


Root Canals

Same Day Dentistry

Sleep Apnea


TMJ/TMD Treatment

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain


Wisdom Teeth Removal


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General dentists are the main providers of dental care to people of all ages. At a routine first visit to Manhattan Dental Design, you will probably have a thorough examination of your mouth including teeth, gums, and other structures, a full set of x-rays, which is one of the most informative and powerful diagnostic tools available, a professional cleaning, and a discussion about your dental and overall health.

Time permitting, treatment for larger and more intensive procedures can begin the same day. Examples of same-day treatment might include emergency extractions, impressions, composite fillings, and pulpotomies, among many other possible treatments. Typically, the dentist will recommend a treatment plan custom fitted to each patient.

Interested in an examination and treatment? Contact Manhattan Dental Design and we can get you started!

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