Crooked teeth can cause a person’s confidence to suffer. Our smiles are an important part of how we are portrayed in the world. Emotional facial expressions and our speech is closely tied to the condition and alignment of our teeth. First impressions do have an impact. Healthy teeth and smiles are associated with cleanliness and responsible, healthy habits. Manhattan Dental Design can help today.

There have been many advances in the specialty of orthodontics over the decades. There are more options than the metal braces most of us think of when we imagine orthodontics. Now, there are clear brackets instead of silver and even clear plastic liners that fit discreetly over your own teeth to move them into the desired position.




Arguably more important than appearance would be functionality. A person needs to have the ability to properly bite down in order to chew food and prepare it to be digested. This task becomes notably more difficult with malocclusions such as overbites, underbites, cross bites and open bites.

Kinds of orthodontic appliances

Braces consist of bands, wires and/or brackets. Tightening the wire puts tension on the teeth, moving them to their desired position. Braces are usually adjusted monthly for a few months to a few years, depending on the complexity of the case. Today’s braces are smaller and show less metal than in the past. They’re available in colors as well as clear.

Special fixed appliances can control thumb sucking and tongue thrusting as a last resort. Fixed space maintainers are often used if and when a baby (primary) tooth is lost prematurely. A space maintainer is placed to keep space open until the permanent tooth grows in.

Removable orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign Aligners are a revolutionary orthodontic treatment. Adults typically don’t want a mouthful of metal, and tend to prefer the clear plastic aligners. These aligners move teeth without the metal wires and brackets. Removable space maintainers are used to maintain a space in between teeth. Jaw repositioning appliances are mainly used to treat TMJ and help the jaws close in proper positions.

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