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Wiggly, squiggly, with little-to-no attention spans, our children can be a challenge to convince to sit still in a dentist’s chair. At Manhattan Dental Design, our staff has that special chairside manner that can calm a fearful child and give them the dental treatment that will keep their little smiles healthy, strong and happy as they grow. Infants will begin to get their baby teeth during the first 6 months of life.

Around age 6 or 7 years, children begin to shed their baby teeth as permanent teeth grow in their place. Proper dental care is essential during childhood. Oral decay and disease in a child’s primary dentition has a direct effect on the health of the permanent teeth that take their place. Childhood cavities and disease is the culprit causes a lifetime of oral pain.

We Love Your Kids!

At Manhattan Dental Design, we offer healthy child dental checkups, including age-appropriate care such as providing infant oral health exams and guidance on how to keep an infant’s gums clean and free of debris. At Manhattan Dental Design, we believe that professional cleaning and comprehensive guidance on how to maintain great oral hygiene is incredibly important for your growing kids.

We provide a number of essential treatment options for kids, including application of fluoride as a dental cavity deterrent; preventive dental care including cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as diet and nutrition advice; counseling for childhood habits such as pacifier use, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting that can adversely affect the alignment of the teeth of a growing child, and assessment and treatment for straightening teeth or correcting an improper bite (orthodontics).

The main aim of childhood dentistry is to keep teeth and gums healthy, as well as providing education so your kids will grow up knowing how to maintain their own oral health.

Contact Manhattan Dental Design today and we’ll make sure your little one keeps dazzling everyone with that sparkling smile!

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