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Many of us these days have crazy schedules, affording us little time to take care of our own needs. Manhattan Dental Design offers same day dentistry for your convenience. You may have that special event in the evening and you’d love to get your teeth whitened, or a chipped tooth you need fixed, so you can make it to your meeting at work on time. There are countless scenarios when you may find yourself needing a dentist for same-day treatment.

Here at Manhattan Dental Design we can help you with your dental issue, so you can be on your way. Traveling through New York on vacation and a crown came loose while eating at one of our world-famous restaurants? No problem! Come on in, and we’ll take a quick X-ray to make sure the crown didn’t come off because of decay, and we’ll be happy to cement it right back on for you.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

More severe dental issues a patient might have will not necessarily prevent us from offering same-day treatment. If you have an emergency situation with a knocked-out tooth, rinse off the tooth gently in water without touching the root, and place it in a small glass of whole milk.

Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or a harsh cleanser. You’ll only need to wash it off if there is dirt or debris on it. If no milk is readily available, it is possible to keep a tooth safe by holding it in your mouth between your cheek and your gums. It’s important for the tooth to not dry out if there’s any hope for re-implantation.

Contact Manhattan Dental Design today; don’t hesitate if you need treatment in a pinch! There is no reason to go to that important event without your big smile as your best asset.

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