Tooth Pain Relief


There are a number of possibilities that can trigger pain in a tooth. It is important to remember that not all pain is the result of something catastrophically expensive, but no pain should not be ignored. Pain is how our body signals to us that something is wrong. If you’re feeling pain in a tooth, have a dentist look at it as soon as possible so that a small problem doesn’t become a huge problem, with you suffering needlessly.

When a patient arrives for a pain consultation, the hygienist usually takes an X-Ray of the affected area, making sure to get a clear view of the bone all around the tooth. The dentist then comes in and examines both the patient and the X-ray, and tries to help the patient explore the general dentistry options at hand to treat whatever ailment is causing the tooth.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Depending on the treatment you and your dentist have decided to pursue, the pain management usually begins that day. In the case of large infections, the patient is generally prescribed an antibiotic so whatever infection is present can temporarily clear enough for a local anesthesia to work. Root canals and extractions can then be performed at a later date, usually around a week later.

If the source of the pain is a tooth, bridge or crown that is sitting too high, and the patient is experiencing jolts of pain when attempting to chew food, the problem may be as simple as the occlusal bite needs to be checked with articulating paper and the tooth adjusted accordingly. The procedure only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any anesthesia.

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