Wisdom Teeth Removal


It’s never a happy event to get a tooth pulled, but general dentistry has come a long way toward making the experience much easier on the patient. Pain management has greatly advanced alongside dental technique. First molars, known commonly as “Wisdom Teeth” are the usual troublemakers in the mouths of many patients.

Wisdom teeth are notoriously hard to keep clean in an effective manner, frequently become impacted (sideways), may not erupt (meaning they stay below the gum line) and can cause major problems with crowding and decay. Even patients who are incredibly diligent about oral healthcare may eventually need a wisdom tooth extraction, so do not delay to contact Manhattan Dental Design if you are experiencing any issues.

Symptoms of Problem Wisdom Teeth

You may not automatically associate the symptoms you experience with problem wisdom teeth. Many of the symptoms that indicate you need an extraction will stem from other areas of the mouth. Obviously, the first sign to look for is pain around the area of the affected wisdom tooth. However, it is also important to recognize secondary symptoms.

If you begin to experience any sort of throbbing pain or discomfort at the back of your mouth, consult with Manhattan Dental Design. Gums that bleed, are red in appearance or swollen may also point to irritation from or infection in your wisdom teeth. You may even suffer from swollen glands and headaches as a result of wisdom teeth which need removed.

Even if these symptoms are not due to problems with your wisdom teeth, it is in your best interest to have a checkup carried out. Your dentist will most likely detect other oral health problems and provide treatment that will offer you relief from the pain and discomfort.

Don’t suffer unnecessarily from problematic wisdom teeth. Contact Manhattan Dental Design today so we can provide the treatment you need!

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