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Root canals provide a safe and effective way to preserve damaged or decaying permanent teeth. At Manhattan Dental Design in Midtown West, Manhattan, Ernest Tchoi, DMD, performs root canals on adults and teenagers. This quick, outpatient procedure can restore your smile and prevent the need for an extraction. If you’re interested in learning more, book online to schedule an appointment or call the New York City practice today.

Root Canals Q&A

What are root canals?

Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment used to address infected or inflamed tooth pulp. Pulp is the soft, malleable center of a tooth. It contains nerves and blood vessels, allowing your tooth to grow and feel temperature sensations. But pulp isn’t necessary for the tooth’s long-term survival.

If you develop a cavity or get hit in the mouth, root canal therapy can prevent complications and preserve your natural tooth for years to come.

What conditions can root canals treat?

Root canals treat damaged or decaying tooth pulp. Some of the most common causes of tooth pulp damage include:

  • Deep decay caused by an untreated cavity
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Undergoing several dental procedures on the same tooth
  • Getting hit in the mouth, due to sports, work, or an automobile accident

If one or several teeth feel painful, or your surrounding gums are red, warm, or sensitive to the touch, contact Manhattan Dental Design right away.

What do root canals involve?

Root canals are a quick outpatient procedure performed on-site.

When you arrive for your appointment, Dr. Tchoi administers a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. He then makes an access hole in your affected tooth and gently removes the infected or inflamed pulp. 

Afterward, Dr. Tchoi rinses the center of your tooth (root canal) with an antiseptic solution. He then fills your tooth with gutta-percha — a rubbery, soft material. 

Dr. Tchoi takes impressions of your tooth and sends them to a laboratory. The laboratory uses your impressions to craft a custom dental crown.

About a week later, you return to Manhattan Dental Design. Dr. Tchoi assesses your tooth to ensure its healing properly. He then lines up your crown over the treated tooth and bonds it in place using dental cement. You leave the office with a fully restored, vibrant smile.

What’s recovery like following a root canal?

Following a root canal, it’s normal to experience some mild swelling and tooth sensitivity. Avoid biting down on your treated tooth and take over-the-counter pain medication as necessary. 

For the first day or two, eat soft foods like scrambled eggs, soup, or mashed potatoes. It’s okay to brush and floss, but make sure to do so gently.

To learn more about the benefits of root canals, request a consultation at Manhattan Dental Design. Book online to make an appointment or call the New York City practice to speak with a staff member today.