Should You Be Using Mouthwash?

any people use mouthwash on a daily basis, even carrying it with them as a frequent breath freshener. Many others never use it. Yet, walking down any oral health care aisle at your local store may have you questioning whether or not you should be using mouthwash. True, it cannot harm your smile, but it is worth the extra cost and effort? Keep reading to learn more.

Mouthwash is not meant to replace daily flossing and regular brushing, but for many people it can add an extra benefit and promote oral health.

  • Those who are cavity prone can benefit greatly from mouthwash. Genetics often play a huge role in whether or not someone is more inclined to develop cavities or not. Because there is little control over this state, incorporating a “cavity fighting” mouthwash into your daily routine can prove beneficial. Those who fall into the “cavity prone” category, should use a mouthwash containing fluoride in order to help protect the teeth against cavity development.
  • Those with gingivitis should definitely be using mouthwash. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease that is caused by bacteria-laden plaque that builds up at the gum line (most typically a result of not flossing). For those with gingivitis, it is important to choose an antibacterial mouthwash with both of the ingredients chlorhexidine and alcohol. These ingredients will help kill the bacteria inside your mouth so that they do not cause damage to your teeth. It is important to note that mouthwash will not remove plaque from your teeth. Your dentist can give a good recommendation for an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Women who are pregnant should speak to their dentist about using mouthwash. During pregnancy, the huge fluctuations of hormones in a woman’s body leave the gum tissues inside the mouth extremely vulnerable to gum disease. Gum disease during pregnancy has been directly linked to miscarriage, preterm labor, and low birthweight babies. Any type of bacteria or disease within the mouth can easily pass into the blood supply and travel from the mouth to the womb. Mouthwash can protect both the mother and her growing baby.

Remember, mouthwash should not replace flossing, brushing, and regular dental cleanings. To learn more about the benefits of mouthwash and whether you should be using it, contact Manhattan Dental Design. We are here to serve you.

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