Rochelle L.

Submitted 12/20/21
Everyone is so nice warm and friendly!

Simon D.

Submitted 12/11/21
Simply a phenomenal dentist. Very talented and experienced. Solves dental issues professionally, effectively and would highly highly recommend

Joseph C.

Submitted 11/11/21
The Best and always profesional.

Oded O.

Submitted 10/27/21

Carol B.

Submitted 10/07/21
Friendly and skilled staff and dentist.

Rory M.

Submitted 09/23/21
There’s a reason the first thing I did when I switched jobs and got new insurance was to check if this was still in-network — always a great experience.

Chun C.

Submitted 09/15/21
Great follow up

Pambla L.

Submitted 09/09/21
The best experience I have ever had. The staff was very friendly, no wait time, the dentist told me exactly what I needed, pointed me in the direction and made me feel very comfortable. Looking forward to my next visit

Gayoon L.

Submitted 08/30/21
Everything was perfect! Dr.Choi and staff were super kind and friendly, and they gave me some good advice on dental care, too. Definitely visit again if I have more issues.

Chun C.

Submitted 07/23/21
Dr. Choi and the staff went above and beyond to get me the dental care that I need. 100% reliable and just good people.

Brian F.

Submitted 07/13/21
Great experience from beginning to end. Dr. Tchoi and his team were very organized and transparent about procedures, insurance, and pricing well before I even walked in the door. Everyone was caring and thorough and answered any questions I had. Despite being in central Manhattan, they gave a personal level of care and attention that you’d normally find with a small town doctor. Genuinely wonderful. This is definitely my new dentist.

Steven R.

Submitted 07/13/21
Great dentist. Smart, efficient and clean.

Colin W.

Submitted 06/28/21
My first cleaning since the global pandemic. Everything was safe, the staff friendly, teeth look great

Marion S.

Submitted 05/10/21
couldn’t have been better

Tara T.

Submitted 02/22/21
Dr. Tchoi, is an excellent dentist. I been going to him for about 2 years now. He is gentle, the office is spotless, the staff is always friendly, never a long wait and helps you in any way possible. I highly recommend going to him.

Leslie R.

Submitted 01/15/21
Kind, knowledgeable and efficient. Could not have had a better experience as a new patient! Highly recommended Dr. Tchoi.

Carol P.

Submitted 12/16/20
Dr. Tchoi is great – punctual, comfortable, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!

Tom M.

Submitted 12/15/20
Fast, clean, organized, professional.

Kaitlyn V.

Submitted 12/15/20
Dr. Tchoi is friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. The staff is warm and helpful. They also did a wonderful job spacing out clients and keeping the space clean during covid.

Timothy M.

Submitted 12/12/20
Dr. Tchoi and his staff were friendly, professional, and accommodating.

Peter C.

Submitted 12/08/20
Very quick, no wait time. Dr. Thoi was very kind and very informative.

Chun C.

Submitted 12/07/20
Dr. Choi was very thorough with my wisdom tooth extraction. We scheduled 2 follow ups to ensure that everything is healed up good.