Why Your Chipped Tooth Needs Attention

Teeth are remarkably strong. In fact, they are stronger than any substance in your entire body. But that doesn’t mean they can’t break, crack or chip under certain pressures. A chipped tooth can occur from accidental trauma, such as a bad fall, sports injury or biting down on something too hard. A chip or crack may develop from a teeth grinding habit, when the tooth was gradually weakened over time. Regardless of how you chipped your tooth, there are important reasons why you should see a dentist promptly.

Smile Aesthetics – if the chip occurs at the front of your smile, you will inevitably suffer some cosmetic threats. A single tooth chip can quickly ruin an attractive smile, regardless of your age.

Tooth Health – the appearance of your smile is not the only thing in danger when you chip a tooth. In fact, the most serious risk involves the health of the tooth. When the outer enamel of a tooth is damaged, the tooth is more vulnerable to decay and infection. Seeking treatment in a timely manner can help you avoid more invasive repairs!

Oral Comfort – while not all tooth chips hurt immediately, many cause notable discomfort. This may simply be irritation on your tongue or cheek from the jagged edges of a chipped tooth or it may be substantial pain and sensitivity on the actual tooth from exposed tooth nerves.

While chipping a tooth is never planned and repairing it may seem inconvenient, it is important for patients to realize that the appearance, health and comfort of their smile can be compromised if it is ignored. At Manhattan Dental Design, we offer chipped tooth repair using a variety of methods and materials. Most minor chips can be repaired in minutes without anesthetics using composite resin bonding. More substantial tooth damage may require a root canal, crown or porcelain veneer. Call today to schedule your appointment. We are confident we can restore your smile to its optimal condition!

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