Dealing with Bad Breath

Bad breath is an issue that affects everyone occasionally, yet it is a chronic condition for many. This can be an embarrassing situation both personally and professionally, and it is one that needs to be brought to your dentist’s attention. There are certain severe causes of bad breath that need to be medically treated, and there are others that require simple changes in your oral habits. For those who have ruled out medically related issues, the following can produce significant results in freshening your breath.

  • Quit all tobacco use. Countless studies have proven again and again the life-threatening effects of tobacco use, and any type of tobacco use should be stopped immediately for your own good. Tobacco poses huge threats to your overall health, and it also contributes to very foul breath. Tobacco is a pungent substance on its own, and combined with the bacteria inside the mouth it will only exacerbate issues with bad breath.
  • Watch what you eat. While this may sound easy, if you are truly trying to avoid issues with bad breath then it is important that you are mindful of the foods and beverages that you consume. Onions, garlic, coffee, certain cheeses, wine, and alcohol are well known for leaving behind a stinky odor. As you consume these, they leave their residue behind inside the mouth. Avoiding them completely is the only way to ensure that they do not cause bad breath. Yet, this is not always possible or desired. To deal with bad breath left behind, it is important to brush your teeth and use mouthwash to combat lingering odors.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. A dry mouth does not produce the necessary moisture to rinse bacteria from the mouth. The entire body relies on adequate hydration, and the mouth needs a sufficient amount of saliva to wash away bacteria-laden plaque from the teeth and gums. The more water you drink, the better your breath will smell because your mouth will simply be cleaner.
  • Make oral health a priority. If you are not flossing every day, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and keeping bi-annual cleanings, your teeth are not clean. By making oral hygiene a priority, you are doing your part in preventing bad breath from wreaking havoc on your life.
  • Keep your oral appliances clean. Retainers, aligners, and dentures are commonly coated in bacteria-laden, stinky plaque. They must be cleaned daily to keep bad breath at bay.
  • Visit the dentist regularly. Having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year goes a long way in preventing bad breath. Regular dental visits also allow your dentist to identify areas of concern which may be contributing to your issue.

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